lunes, junio 12, 2006

the wold cup

hello evybody ITS MY BLOG woohoo ive not done a blog for ages again mainly cos of bein busy with NUPS BANANURES TREECLE and the like

anyway ive bin watching the FOOTBORL WOLD CUP bein held in germerny the home of SOSERJES NEETCHER GERTHER and BEE EMM WWW the car for idjits ive seen all the games so far and the winner is COSTER REEKER probably

so i thort id treet you lucky peple to my ORL TIME WOLD CUP TEEM cos thats topickal and also a list and lists are wot go on blogs as we hav seen previusly in the parst


hes invincible like greek striker ACKILLEES aprt from he cant backheel it cos hed die but now he plays for KILLMARNOCK the top side in the swedish ninth division home of all the best strikers like ALI MCHOIST DAVID GERNOLER and dimunitive indonesian hitman FERENK PUSCAT

wee gordon2. GORDN BANKS

yes its banks in gole hes the only man to stop a gole from PELLY when he did that amazin save once then he became DAVID SEAMERN and let in that gole from RONALDIBINHO the toothy brazilian at WOLD CUP two oh oh two but anyway BANKS is aparently the best goley ever im not sure about that i think JIM LEYTON wuld give him a run for his money

over here george3. GEORGE WEEEEEEEEEAH

hes world striker of the year 19723 or something evry time he scores he shouts WEEEEEEEEEEEEE thats how he got his name his reel last name is PIPKINS he got it out of a catalog it was just after the shoes on page 98

i am lookin for grubs4. RONALDONHININHOBINHO

hes the best striker on the planet aparently apart from EMIL HESKY wen hes not on the ground faking he never used to be the best striker that was RIVALDO with the concave face but when that painful ball hit him in the toe at WOLD CUP two oh oh two he was never the same agen and had to go to an asilum for nuts footborlers where he met GAZZER and CARLOSS VALDERAMANAMAN and his burst sofa hair

orange pele ha ha ha5. PELLY

well what can you say hes scored more goles than the rest of the world put together except PETER CROUTCH and now he is an ambasader for footborl for the entire universe and if anyone needs a president for their country then PELLY is goin spare and wuld be the idearl canderdate cos of his amazing awarness in front of gole and eckernomic policy and that stuff he could teech TONY BLIARS a thing or two like how to kick himself in the bum

look at him go like an ant with a trident6. JARZEENO

JARZEENO is the only man to do something about scorin goals in every goal or something wich is a fine acheevement for someone whos reely only a head and a two colour one at that he played for the grat brazil teem of 1870 that was so good it won the criket as well

rusk for worlcot7. THEO WORLCOT

yes hes only litle and has never played footborl before but by criky hes good he can run and kick the ball and what more can you ask for in any caase hes well better than OWEN HARGREEVES the forgoten moskeeto man of BUYERN MUNICK who plays for ENGLERND even tho hes not from round here THATS IT GIVE THE BALL AWAY AGAN HARGREEVES do that agen and youll get substertuted for WORLCOT the baby faced asasin

pier paolo maldolini8. PARLO MOULDINI

hes the oldest man in footborl with more caps than an eight-kneed elephant hes played agenst all the grates like PELLY STANLEY MATHEWS WG GRACE and TED BOVIS of albania and never done a foul or a yellow card like GARRY LINKENER the gole-hanging crisp speshalist

dont do it rene9. RENE HIGUITAR

hes part hair part scorpion hes famus for kicking the borl then giving it away to ROGER MILLER king of the road but still if it wos up to me id have a teem of eleven RENE HIGUITARS with one spare one in case a cake got on the pitch

whos this now10. ST ANTERNY OF PADUA

heres ST ANTERNY OF PADUA the famus NEWCARSTLE midfeeler he scored all the goles in ITALEEYER NINETY while GAZZER wept sweatily into his shurt and DAVID PLAT scored agenst BELJAM evrybody scores agenst BELJUM espeshaly MARERDONER whos not in this list we shull see why tomorrer i hope unles i go on an extendeled blog sabatickal like just recently

do it doo ik11. PAK DOO IK

hes NORTH COREEYERs player of the year for 1949 when he won against ITERLY champinons of the werld at the time thanks to DINO ZOFF the goalie wart remover but then PAK DOO IK came along and it was curtans for ITERLY they had to go home like ROBERT O'BADGIO in YOO ESS AY 94 when he put it over the bar wile tryin to score against brazilean goley TAFFARELL who is named after a dutch tofee


yes i know its bad form to pick yorself but brain-free goldenboy DAVID BECKAM done it an he even picked GARY NEVIL for good ness sake anyway id pick myself to come on in the 70th minit an score a load of goles then id celebrate by havin a BANANURE like MARCO TARDELI then id stop and have some NUPS

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At lunes, junio 12, 2006, Blogger Interpreter Pavlov did say...

Well I wonder why you didn't pick Batten and Walter von der Vogelweide, both are out of Rampton now and are reformed characters thinking of joining the WEA


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