lunes, marzo 27, 2006

here i am with my ham

i didnt done a blog yesteday cos i was out looking inside dewdrops for laidybirds but that gave me the chanse to thinks about RITE and RONG and as we saw preeveiusly in chapter sixtyten verse eighty throo of how to write a blogs all blogs shud have lists mostly going up to ten but these go up to elevn like spinal pat

how to do A RONG:

1. be TONY BLAIRS and make all yore mates lords for giving a fiver to the laber party

2. eat all the rices out of the cubberd then not say it was the last one

3. not do the woshing up an play GRAN THEEF ORTHO insted then pretend you wer on the fone to granny all that time so you couldnt do the woshing up oh no honest

4. eat a topic on the way bak from the shop

5. be JORGE BUSH the man who boms places to make them as good as americker with mcdoonalds and jimmy starbucks golf an coffee emporeum

6. bring DIRTS in on yore shuz an pretend it was a goose wot done it

7. be JOHN PRESCOT an punch peple then get a lift to the end of the street in yore two cars what penshaners paid for with their winter fool alowance

8. leave the suger pufs open so they go all soft like a softs cushionb made of sweets

9. pretend you didnt have any brekfuss an try to get another one by mewking plainetivly even tho yore dish is full of yesterdys biskits

10. do a sick on the best bedspred from tk mcmaxx

11. giv all dadlys secrets away by riting blogs about wot he done rong

nb ill leve it up to you to deside wich is THE WERST OF ALL RONGS ill give you a clue its TONY BLAIRS and his serveylance nashun where everyone is on camera an their DEE EN AY belongs to the goverment so the goverment can blame OTHER PEPLE for all their crimes like margrit beckets face

and now things wich are RITE this is much easyer and good for yore bluds preshure cos you get to think about flowures and bees in the sky

1. standin up to fite TONY BLAIRS seedy goverment and its noddy laws for morons

2. flowures

3. buyin flowures for mumbly

4. jumping but not too much cos you might dent yore feets (i wear sots to stop that hapning)

5. pear sparkle (see the blog i done the otha day)

6. doing a sick in the toilat an not on the bedspred from tk mcmaxx

7. not doin too much clawbing

8. cheb foddel and his lovly singin

9. the sky espeshaly when birdies are in it (see the blog i done about BIRDIES)

10. my baggies badge boing boing

11. most other things wich further the corrs of the emansiperlation of the proletary hat

now i hope you will take my advises and avoid things wich are rong and do the things wich are rite be careful now cos some of them are borderline like that one about the figs an im sory to make you think of margrit beckets face now go and wosh yore eyes

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At martes, marzo 28, 2006, Blogger Monday's Child did say...

thanks to you Peanut I have decided to teach my students all about the siperlation of the proletary hat and thus I will be furthering it's corss and hopefully this will cancel out any rong things I might be doing.. altho the only rong thing from your list that I might be tempted to do is to eat the topic. I miss topic bars. I think Boliviar would be a better place and people would love one another more if they could all eat topics. and also other choclits.

At martes, marzo 28, 2006, Blogger PEANUT did say...

dere arnty happy mondays, we will sends you a TOPICK with a parcule of otha choclits i promise not to eats it in the post but it mite melts like the last lot in wich case you can puts it in the fridj until it goes in a shape like franky vinsents face


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