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aa motering atlas 1975

well yesterdy the blog i done was a bit ranty but it was things that needed to be said

reely i shud have aded to it in NUMBER ONE a law on tofs that the only thing worss than tofs is peple that want to be tofs i mean shorely they cud have otha aspirashuns like self diskoverey like wen RINGO STAR and JORGE HARISON FORD went to india and came back with speshal beerds and playing the seetar its like a geetar but you sit downs to play it they got tort it by the MAHARISHIBISH MACHRIHANISH YOGI he looks like jermain greer in a wig

anyway todays blog wil not be about tofs it wil be about my top ten countrys in the wold cos all blogs need lists and parergraphs aparently

1. MONGORLIA this is wher peple live in tents yurts gers burrs and tofts and for a living they drink old milk and go on documentrys about MONGORLIA wich is lucky cos thats where they live

anyway its top nashun cos nobodys bommed it for oil and bin Lardern and its nices cos its not full of tofs chavs idjits and mel gibsun (see blog i done yesterdy)

2. BORNYO thats where orangletangles live like my brothure pongo he likes fluffy time best of all and cabbage babage and grubbage

3. YOOGANDER this is where gorillures come from exept the ones that come from park st in a bots now ive herd a rumer that yoogander is the gerkin capiterl of the werld so thats ok then brian

4. BOLIVIAR thats where arnty happy mondays lives shes grate and when i next see her i wil give her sum cake cos thats her faverite along with smal things in pots and creams and ladys things

DIM O GOBBLE AT ANY TIME5. WHALES theyve got some grate words like DIM BINIO and YNYSYBL and SNWKWR and its got mountens and lakes and munkles like anywhere else but with no vowls in cos thats more fun

6. SCOPLAND my mumbly thinks scoplands nashunal culler is BROWN but personly i like brown cos i am brown mostly but i dont like gorden brown and his abacus truble he wont be prime ministure like PRESIDENT BLAIRS cos hes not as slimy he just looks like a lump of coal with a plastic face stuck on

7. ICELAND well i kno ther are no trees but theres hot springs and elves piksys and elermental beings and also they do by one get one free on jaffer cakes in the iceland embasy in the queensmeer

8. AMERICKER ha ha only joking americker is rubish its like a giant dustbin ful of manky old tat no wonder mel gibsun lives ther thats just his scene

reel number 8. ANTARCTICKER cor lummocks its cold there an thats where BOB CARELGEES* lives tho i dunno how he goes to tha shops and stuf cos theres no shops thers just snow and snowmen and HOTH WAMPA

9. GERMUNY is very nice but sumtimes it rains a lot a bit like chalvey but unkle jorgy lives there and his giant colecshun of dessert boots jerycans camo gere jeeps and stuff for wen he jons the germun forren leejun

10. BATMAN DENTAL CLINICK i no its not reely a country but i saw it on a map i wonder wot its like mebbe its brown like scopland or cold like iceland orltho i hav a suspishern its red with lelow stripes like a roobarb and custerd sweet but not a furry one from inside the sofa

so ther you hav it those are the top ten countrys now i am goin on the PETE SEEGER MEGGERDRIVE to play RISE OF ROBOT RYAN GIGGS

* if yore stuck for eester presents for granma i sugest BOB CARELGEES CANDLES

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At jueves, marzo 30, 2006, Anonymous Anónimo did say...

Mongolians also have the top throat singers. Quite an amazing and goosebumping performance live. Odd, but awe inspiring. Now listen, about this Ameriker is crap uhm, crap. . . I'd rather not live here myself, but can't afford the passport even to escape yet. Yes, even to Mexico or Canada now, we have to all have a passport. . .we are being held hostage in our own country. If there are any asylum programmes you could recommend, my family and I are interested in your next list. I'm not really an American, I was just born here.

At jueves, marzo 30, 2006, Blogger PEANUT did say...

dere annonnermouse thankyou for yore coment i will do a speshal blog today about wots good in americker cos there are some things that are nices an i am sory if i ofendeds yore senserbilities but i keep wotchin FOX NEWS and its not prety

At viernes, marzo 31, 2006, Anonymous Anónimo did say...

OH for the love of the Goddess. Please, oh please, stop watching the Fox. Honestly, you seem like a kind and sensible enough creature. Don't rot out your brain and make your eyes bleed with the irritation and falsifications that Fox spins. That's offensive to YOUR sensibilties, dear. *gently pats you on your head.*


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