jueves, marzo 30, 2006

here we are now entertane us

as promissed here is a blog i done about wot the good things in AMERICKER are cos i think i mite hav been a litle harsh erlier so here is a blog espeshuly for ANNONERMOUSE who lives in americker with guns cars and RUBERT DE NEHRU

oh yes it also contanes a list and as you kno lists are what go in blogs

WERKIN NINE TO FIV1. DOLY PATRON gosh shes grate she done that song joleen joleen joleen joleen im begin of you plese dont eat my ham i like her a lot ive got all her reckords and a picher of her on my skoolbag it says I HART DOLY yay yay

PEANUT BUTA2. RHESUS PEACES these are choclity lumps with PEANUT in them ho ho ho not me but the food thats called a peanut its named after me cos i am grate acherly the peanut is a leggume not a nup so there i will tel that to ANN ROBESON and her ginjer frightwig thatll teech her to say the welsh are rubish

LOG IN HERE FOR YORE FREE BEERD3. KENY LOGINS hes grate but be careful cos hes on the HIWAY TO THE DANJER ZONE with his speshal beard made of leaf mould anyway hes not to be confused with his evel twin KENY LOGOUTS who works as a drain salesman in IDERHO thats a place in americker

URL GREY4. THE BOSTIN TEE PARTY its bostin mate anyway wot hapened was orl the honest injuns got on the boats and stuck it to the british by throwings orl the tea in the cheserpeek bay or something cos they wanted to be free from the yolk of impeeryul opreshun i think then they had a cake

BEEM ME UP TOTY5. WILIAM SHATNER hes the best at actin he can do TEE JAY HOOKER and CATPIN JAMES TEE KURK at the same time now thats versertillity and he also done a song where he just torks

MOO6. YELLERSTON PARK wow thats a big plase full of animules and birdies and frogs and goose id like to go there and see the BYSON they are good at jumpin

I DUN JUS SHOT ME SOM MOOOONSHINE7. ROSCO HOLCOM hes the best banjer player ever even tho he sounds like LUSHANO PAVAROTI at 78 ARR PEE EM he does things like appalashian porch musick creek river quickstep and cumberland sosige gap

SEVN DEDLY MOCKERSINS8. MOCKERSINS these are litle shuz for yore feet they are made of MOCKER wich grows on a bush underground in OSTIN TEXAS home of chips and dust they are v cheep an you can get them off EEBY for a doler

OINK9. BARES aw look bares are grate they go in trees lookin for hunny and toast their fav thing is the SPESHAL XTENDED DVD DIRECTURES CUT WIDESCREN of FALCON CREST the gratest documentry in the histry of fillum except that one about jam

DONT JUMP HAV CAKE INSTED10. THER GRAN CANYON its a big hole in the ground made by the COLLERARDO RIVER on its day off you can go in it in a bote or a helycoptur an JASON ROBBARDS and CHARLES BRONSEN live there

DEFY ME AND I WILL TERN INTO A STOTE11. MANIMERL wot a strange person he is sumtimes his hands go big then he terns into a HEDGHOGG or an ANT basickly he can tern into anything xcept a teacup cos thats silly his reel name is SIMEN MAKORKINDYLE but he woodnt like you to know that i only kno cos i read it on the back of the COCO POPS packet

SPIKY!!!12. CATKCUS a big spiky plant that lives in the dessert with CLORDIA CARDINALY and her rubish acting accherly they can grow quite big almost as big as a NISSAN SUNNY and somtimes biger

anyway now its time for tea so i gots to go and wosh my fase ANNONERMOUSE i hop you likeds my tribyoot to the nice things in americker woo yay

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At viernes, marzo 31, 2006, Anonymous Anónimo did say...

1. Glad you like Dolly so much. She and I look a lot alike. Well, breast size, anyway. Would love to give you a great big bear hug. You may suffocate though, so perhaps just sticking with the head patting. 2. I don't really like chocolate, but I adore legumes. I'm a vegetarian. 3. Um, I live in Idaho, too. We're moving though. . these folks would gladly hunt me like an elk. I wouldn't like that very much so I am leaving them. Besides, they live in a Fox news zone. It's scary. 7. Honestly. I am moving back to Appalachia. and 8. My sons love their baby moccasins. 9. Baring can be good for one's soul. And our Constitution gives bears the right to have arms here. *grins* Lastly, but not leastly, I heartily enjoy all of your listings and your tribute. Even if we agree to disagree. I'd rather be back in London, but again, the economic challenges presented right now will only get me as far as the Midwest of the U.S. *sighs* Blog on, dear Peanut.

At sábado, abril 01, 2006, Blogger patroclus did say...

Is that Kenny Logins wot also dun "Information Superhighway To The Danger Zone"?

At sábado, abril 01, 2006, Blogger PEANUT did say...

thass the very one i dont trust him an inch i mean look at his hair its like a giant vole orgy


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