sábado, marzo 25, 2006

children of the reverlushun

i was in the bedroom erlier and aparently there is a big bots there corled an OTOMAN wich my mumbly keeps boots and things in

i orlways thort an OTOMAN was a big empire run by SUPERMAN THE MUNIFICENT in three thirty AD or something then there wos a big reverlushun and all the yung terks got in power and establishd an interlectual nashnerlist eleet so they could go on a bus without any hasle and look at pichers of carol vordeman in peace

five bananures are beter than nuns said baby PEANUThello and thankyou to ANNONERMOUS who done a comment saying i was nice, here speshaly for you is a picher of me with my brothure his name is baby LUMPS we are dicusing the relitive merits of five bananures (the yello things in the midle) as compared to a smorler amount of bananures e.g. NONE we think five bananures are better thankyou

baby LUMPS has his own infornet page with where he done books as you can see he tort me all my gramer and puncheration there wasnt much of that its just dots

today i nearly got bort som new shuz but not blue swayd ones like elvis parsley

MAGICS!!now its time for PEAR SPARKLE the ingreedy ents of wich are pares sparkle and magick here is a picher of it an me an LUMPS again

ps. LOVELY by sara jesica parker shes not lovly at all she shud have corled it STINKBAT

pps. after sara jesica parkers perfume advert there was one for sneaking to TONY BLAIRS about any bisnesses not registered for tacks

well i saw a dogs bisness on the pavment i will send it to TONY BLAIRS and say look its not registurd its another sorts of turd ho ho ho i bet he wont find that funny cos he only laffs at his own face in the mirror before he realises its actcherly him

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At domingo, marzo 26, 2006, Anonymous Anónimo did say...

Loverly picture of you and your siberling. Honestly, I don't know how you are capable of scribing so without hurting your own head. *grins* None the less, I do enjoy your writings, and would say the same to Lumps, but there is no- where on his page for kudos or complainage. (Of which I would have been the kudo-ing kind.) The Old Testament has always done the same for me, Lumps. And, I must say, although I am not as fond of bananures as you all seem to be, we do kindle a mutual disliking for our elected representatives. . Tony Yes-Let's-Play-Follow-The-Idiot-leader Blair and George the Oh-I'm-Not-A-King? Moron Shrub. Cheers!


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