martes, marzo 28, 2006

laws i wil do

wen i am presidents of ther republick and TONY BLAIRS has got the sack an has to live in a home with mouldy pants and no fun i will DO LAWS for the goods of the country

theses laws shull be as folows

NUMBER ONE a law on tofs

FAHFAHFAHFAHFAHFAH...BANGthere shull be no tofs all peple who are tofs will go to goolags where they will be forsed to wotch LORAINE KELLY all day and DES and MELL all nite until they stop bein tofs then they will be reherbilitilated in jars

NUMBER TWO a law on chavs

THAT H SAMUEL E'S GRATE INNIT INNITall chavs will be sent to a plase where they wil watch CASH IN THE ATIC until the chek falls off their fake BERBERY CAPS then they will only be let bak into sosiety when they have done corecshunal instrucshun* at granmas house


TWONKhe will not be givn cake or biskits an sertanly not given bananures and he will have to DO AMMENDS for his continueral infracshuns and insults to ther people of IRMINGBHAM


HERE I AM TELING THE TRUTH NO WAITim reely loking forwerds to this one what will happen is TONY BLAIRS wil get a rite comeupance at the hands of yoda paul danyels lionel richtea and elennor bron they will all go round number ten** and BIFF HIM RITE UP then he wil have to go and say sorry to everyone in his pants

NUMBER FIVE a law on peple who DROP LITER

SLAPthis one get rite up my nobes i will do a law on LITERBUGS they will haves to eat all their liter mixed up with POT NODLE to make it tast truely nastys then wen they do a sick the EN AYCH ESS wont help them insted theyll get extrer punishalements by being forsed to eat FRAY BENTOSS cold pie out of the bin***

NUMBER SICKS a law on shouty british peple abrord

IDJITSpeple who go abrord and then shout OI PEDRO GIVE US SUM FISH AN CHIPS MATE will get laws done on them cos thats rood and thortless they shud lerns the langwidge cos its intrestin then they can say OIGA PESCADO Y CHIPS PORE FAVOR COMPANYERO an feel proud they they lernt somthing useful that wasnt how to steel cars and if they want to knows how to do it they can reed LERN SPANISH THE MARQUEZ WAY by gabreal garseer markez and spenser


GINJER HAIRNEThes just an idiot i will banish him to americker where its so great even stupid peple live there


POO ON A STICKgod hes a dimwit he reely hates everyone well i tell you what mel yore hair is the worst ive ever seen its like the infected muck in the botume of the compost bin so therfor you will get a law done on you wich means NO MEL GIBSUN for ever there will be nashernal NO MEL GIBSUN DAY wich will last all year for ever

NUMBER NINE a law on peple who dont like BODGER AN BADGER

YAY WOOcos reely lets face it its the best thing on TEE VEE nowerdays i wotch it all ther time it gives me idears

NUMBER TEN a speshal law for arnty happy mondays

SUPERSONICK WIZZ MASHINE NOW BORDING FOR BOLIVIARthis wil means that we can go to BOLIVIAR in a speshal supersonick travule thing we can gets there reely fast and bring a TOPICK with us for my arnty we will get there in time for NEYBOURS or NEIBÓROS as they corl it in boliviar

HEREBYE have i decreed these are the laws i will do and no man hath the rite to put them asunder nor to confirm or deny plese tick the box deleet as aplickerble thankyou

* this wil be makin a tea and geting things from the garding and findin the spare gin an goin to MORRERSONS supamarket to get the heviest taters nown to man

** number ten dont make me laugh number nort more like

DADLY ATE PIE OUT OF THE BIN THATS WHO*** com off it whos ever done that volentaruly

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At miércoles, marzo 29, 2006, Blogger Monday's Child did say...

I think your laws are wonderful, my favorites are sicks and ten. I think that you should do number ten firstest when you overthrow Tony Blair, cos it is the most important with regards to national security and ting.

HARRRRR. Up with Peanut. But not Up in a nasty sense not like (méteselo por el c**o)or anything like that. My apologies for being rude. Up in the good sense like when a balloon goes UP.

At jueves, marzo 30, 2006, Anonymous Anónimo did say...

No estoy de acuerdo sobre numero siete. Hay algunas personas aqui en los EEUU quienes son intellegentes. Y no queremos mas idiotas, pero muchas gracias para pensando en nosotros. . . Damn, don't we have enough strife suffering under our Moronic Pseudo-leader? Please. . . some of us deserve so much more. Think of the children. . . spare them!

At jueves, marzo 30, 2006, Blogger PEANUT did say...

querido anonimo poddemos cambiar el mick hucknerl por el marther stewat que te parece?


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