viernes, marzo 24, 2006

in case yore wondring

yes i am dressed as a jedi in the picher but i dont do any fitin with garth vader look at him hes made of licoriss

aparently all blogs shud have a list* well i tell you this is already a list its of the words in this sentense and in the corect ordure too and no mistake

todays scanderl is PRESIDENT TONY BLAIRS MONEY some blokes gave him so they cud sit on seats and do laws in wigs like judge jeffreys with two fs jeffreys now tony blairs wont resign cos he thinks hes god st george england and harry like henry vee and look what happened to him**

if i was a lord id give tony blairs a punch then run away larfing exept i am a pasifist but ive herd john prescot is good at punches so he can give tony blairs one then punch himself for good mesure

so tony blairs has got all this money from peple and hes going to spend it on rubish like idiot cards and boms for iraq and going to tuskerny with his flagrant wife

she should get divorsed and marry that squeeky comedian then shed be CHERIE BLAIRS-PASQUAL*** see wot i did there ho ho ho thats funnier than a wasp on a bike

now i am going to tidy the garding with a speshal instrumlent

*like a chopin liszt ha ha ha katie boyle ha ha ha
**he was killed to deth by murder
***now whats the proberbility of that

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At sábado, marzo 25, 2006, Blogger Monday's Child did say...

Bravo, well done and the strings of my underpants to you... You were absolutely right in thinking I might be wondering as I was wondering and now it's all perfectly clear. Hurrah. and harrrr.

At sábado, marzo 25, 2006, Anonymous Anónimo did say...

Oh fabulous, Peanut. I adore you after just one reading. *smiles*

At sábado, marzo 25, 2006, Blogger PEANUT did say...

thats very kind next time i will gives you a bananure of a coler of yore choice theres yellow green or yellow. or brown but i wouldnt recommends it.


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