miércoles, marzo 22, 2006

today we dun it

today me an my brothure cort some fog in a bots

but apparently fogs not made of cheebes, nups or bananures

so we lets it go

tomorrow we will go and visits trotskys grave an bring him some chips

pore old trotsky he had enormous hair like as if he had an extra hair and then a hat wich looked like hair as well. he looked a bit like dandy dan you know the one off bugseye malone exept not with a mustash. infact he also looked like mary denarnud no wonder he was a commernist with all that trouble. trotsky died of ice pops thats what they call drinks in rusher.

he rote a book about his life corled MY LIFE just in case anyone forgots what it was about wile they were reeding it* he did another vershun called MY WIFE which was about his wife but it wasnt as long cos it was all about sowing and kittunes and girly things like potato and byenomeal regreshun and how to gets a carrot out of the chiller tray

*never mind the words reed the pichers i say

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At miércoles, marzo 22, 2006, Blogger patroclus did say...

Hurrah for baby Peanuts!

At jueves, marzo 23, 2006, Blogger patroclus did say...

er, Peanut. I may have drunk some wine last night, that's my excuse.

At sábado, marzo 25, 2006, Anonymous Anónimo did say...

Oh dear goddess, does it hurt to write so phoenetically accurately? Ha, ha, ha! It's as if I am perusing a page of writing that my five year old penned. Um, but with more philosophical bend and a higher insight on the topics of the world, the universe, and everything. I mean, he's bright and all, but. . . .*smiles*


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