viernes, marzo 31, 2006

the brain rodgerrs conection

UP THE ALBIONhelo today we dun a BANANURE HUNT it was grate fun a bit like going to BOGNER REEJUS on a MEATY DAY exept not quite

we dun a foto befor we went her is a picher of me an my brothures an sista baby DAISY she is sat on baby RUMPSs shoulder rite by baby PONGO

note that we hav our BEEGLING KITTS with us and speshal BANANURE TONGS except for baby PONGO who has speshal instroomewnts for CABBIDGE HUNTING
wile we wer out we seen a cloud it looked like BRAIN BLESSIDS he is grate his beard is a bit like baby COCONUTs beard thats baby COCONUT laysing on the left on baby PONGOs hed

PEE ESS can you spots a GOOSE in the picher? ill giv you a clu ther isnt one but ther is some CUSTARDS

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At domingo, abril 09, 2006, Blogger Monday's Child did say...

I loves the custard.. who loves the custard?? everybody loves the custard.. who hates the custard?? nobody hates the custard... I loves the custard..

and cake.

'cept for you have to sing it.. and there's a sylable missin so it actually sounds like this: who loves the custu urd?? everybody loves the custu urd...

and cake.

there's lovely cake to be had in Boliviar...

Maybe I should do a tour of the world and compare cake in different countries.. you could come too Peanut and see if Bananures taste different according to the country...


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