lunes, noviembre 26, 2007

lord rochisters munkle

hello internt blogers i hav had wot is knone as a HIGH ATUS

sins i started doing a blog in twolfth hunderd and two there hav bin meny changes and i am now a ofishul elder staytesmunkle of bloging internet blogs and blogspots

just so you can catch up with wot has haperned sins i was away here is a list of things wich hav hapened sins i was away

1. THE FRANKO PRUSHERN WOR started by EMILY ZOLA the midget footballer and her mate MADAM BOVINARY

2. A CURIOUS DOG DID IT IN THE NIGHTTIME i dont know wot it did but i spect it might hav been something liquid in the corner

3. HAROLD WILSONs hat was sold on ebay for furpence and a stick of maltese rock

4. PRINCES DIANER it was her tenth anerversary of PARIS TEXAS staring HARDY IAN STANSHUN

5. A CAT GOT IN THE WINDO then it got out again like an ant in a hots bath

6. SOME COMPERTER DISCS went mising from the natural ordit orfice an now everyone in the wold is at the mersy of VILLANS CROOKS THIEVES and BARY CHUCKLE in fact the discs are the wolds only copy of MARTINE McITCHINGs new album MY CLEETHORPES DESTINY so nobody should wory you herd it here first

7. AMERICKER INVADED IRAQ praps theyd already don that one but i wouldnt put it past them to hav forgoten and done it again like a bunch of gusset

8. TERRY WOGANS PANTS were on the tely on PANTS ON VIEW he got 8/10 for effort

9. THERE WAS A FISH in the percolater