miƩrcoles, octubre 04, 2006

its a best sellar in rusher you know


publised by PENGWEN BOKES
orthored by PEANUT


it was the ortem time

leves wer forling hevily from the trees and len ibis was bemoning the fact that hed put on the trousis with the hessian gusset

gosh they itched like a flaky spidure doin the riverdance on sandpapure

as len kicked his scratchy way throgh the leefy brownsness of ortem time he wonderd if thered ever be a time when ther were no itchy trousis

(his other trousis were made from wul from wiry norweejen sheep ow ow)

in the musty twylight len shufled down the street past MRS GROBLYSTICKs cobwebby fifty room manshon which loomed up at him like a yorning grey gool

harfway down the rode len spoted a man sitting at an artists eesel

on his back ther was a notise wich sed



TEL 0870 240 5599

len thort it was cleerly too dark to do any drorings of ortem and the man was obvyersley a frord and a newsance and in any case len hadnt any spare money as hed spent it on ingreedients

for yeers len had been experminenting with esoterick shernanigerns and had acumerlated a varst colection of mistickal objects orl with vareed and interlesting orijens

he had an alkemickal astrophaje from vienner and a postilior captivashun device from the holey romern empire compleat with instruckshern manuel and spare gnord

he had a lump of blavatskys figleytobis wich was sed to come from venus and a smorl jar of atlantis jely which he bort from a travling monk in buda pest in eighteen twenty fore

in a perticlerlarly memrabel ocashun len had won the lejendery goliath of gaths mantelpeace in a game of poker with archjook ermbert of prusher who was so angry he fell in his own sock drawer and had to be rescued with tongs

lens latest addishun was a three-part monotophonick dispotometer from baltimore wich he had reseeved in a round robbin crismus letter adressed to next dore but theyd gone away to kent for the winter so len got it insted

orl these things an more is what len corled his ingreedients because it would soon be the time when they would be ingreediented into something

something outrayjus

something majical

something TERABEL