domingo, abril 09, 2006

an annerlog bananure for a digickal age

i didnt done a blog for years cos i wos TOO BUSY doin works and playin and one day i staid up till FORE IN THE MORNING but i wents to bed after that this is cos mumbly was VERRY BUSY doin a translashun in a diffrent langwidge wich is very cleva tho i helped on the hard words like un bouton and le weekend anyway thats why i didnt done a blog but it gave me an idear as to wot to do for a blog next as we shull see

anyway sumtimes peple think if you dont do a blog for years then you mustve died like yoda and barbra catland so i wuld just like to say i havent died but i wos busy for ages plese thankyou for yore messerges of consern i was very flatered

today as we saw in the fust parrergraph i will do a blog about my FAVRIT FORREN WORDS and their MEENINGS
a picher of me lookin up BUMS in the Cnobapb
here is a picher of me lookin up FORREN WORDS in the Cnobapb

1. JAMBAGE a frensh word that means a jam sangwidge but its also got something to do with doors praps it means when you make a jam sangwidge in the kitchin then go through a door with it i cant see wot else youd do with a jam sangwidge and a door ansas on a postcard

2. UMGEBUNG a jerman word that means bouncy bouncy boing boing baggies baggies or something reely i think it might meen roundabouts here or in the vissinerty like a smell where you cant tell where its from its usuerly from the MARS FACTRY on slough traderling estake

3. CTON a rushern word i dont know wot it meens i think it means tuner fish but theres signs with CTON on all over rusher they must have a lot of fish no wonder VLADERMEER PUTAIN has got a face on if thats all he eats

4. LEBES a greek word it means the things that grow on trebes unlike cheebes wich doesnt grow in trebes it grows in the fridge the sorse of all nutrishonal goodness and yesterdays monkfish curry i cant remember what it realy means probly something about stew

5. EHEU FUGACES a lattin words meaning wot a disgusting smell of old mushrooms normaly utered with disgust when finding an old sock behind the toilat i bet you cant gess whose sock it was no realy akcherly it means oh woe see how time parses so quickly wot can we do praps we better stop puting random numbers in the soodokoo and wotch home and away insted becos they deal with proper ishoos like runing out of milks

6. FLOPPINO is an italiern word its the seekwal to the fillum called ILL POSTINO wich means the sick postman but ILL FLOPPINO didnt do very well at ther sinnerma hense its name i tell you why cos in iterly theyre too busy votin for SILVIE O'BERLERSCONEY and ROMAN O'PRODDY thats an odd name for a cathlic youd think hed change it to TED DOBBS or something

7. GLAS BILONG LUK-LUK is a pidgin english word wich is easy to work out it meens miror or MEER as they say somewhere in americker home of ALL PACHINO the famus coat maker orlso in americker they say ORNJ for oninge and HORR for horrer i know cos i am cleva and spekes a bit of americkern tho id like to lern some IDAHOVIAN words and how they say them

8. DINÉ is a navverho word it means dinnure i bet they have weird things like bison buffalo duffelo pedalo and GRITS for dinnure i tell you what though if it was me id have a bananure but there arent any herds of bananures roming the planes of arryzoner in serch of kevin costner for his next rubish film anyway speking of rubish films here isnt a picher of JOHNY DIEPPE he isnt in rubish fillums but he is a bit nativ americkern this picher is speshaly for my arnty PERTOCRALUS who is curently courting him

9. WAJINGA its a swarheelee word its wot you shout when you fall in the tea by akserdent not that ive ever done that mind cos i know if you fall in the tea you have to go strate in the washings mashine like PAUL DANIELS and his magic trousers ha ha no realy it meens FOOL and by hapy conisidense there is a picher of a FOOL here

10. NUNMUL is a korean word it meens TEARS which is what happens to dadlys mind when CASH IN THER ATIC comes on the telly its like the tee vee eqwivalent of conjeeled bisto stinky nasty horible brain clogging vileness but i bet you a tenor its not on tee vee in korea cos theyre too busy doin this the sily peoples

11. YI its a manderin chinees word wich means lots of things at once its also orstralian for yes but in chinees it means fish biscuits cake handbag lozenges carpet fairy depending on how you say it if i went to chiner id just point at a picher of a bananure an say yes please id like a bananure reely loudly then shout SMOKED SAMMON at the post ofice man like grate granny done once

anyway these go up to eleven and thats the end then it was bedtime and evybody lived haply everafter like CLARK GABEL in gone in the window

PS here is a tune my dadly made on his geetar he ses it reminds him of his favrit fillum corled ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WETS thats the only wets hes ever been near you shud hear him SHOUT IN FERE when he hears the barth runing